World Teacher Day celebrated Monday


JOPLIN, Mo. — Monday is World Teacher Day–a time to recognize and appreciate teachers across the globe. Especially right now.

It’s doubtful that Bette Schoeberl will ever forget World Teachers’ Day 2020, because it marks her second to last day at St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School in Joplin.

Bette Schoeberl, Retiring Teacher, said, “I love working at St. Mary’s, the closeness of the faculty, the support of the families has been wonderful, I’ve had such a good memories of my 26 years.”

Here at St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School it’s not at all unusual for teachers to have taught multiple generations of the same family. Schoeberl says they can even have some of the same mannerisms as their parents.

“And it’s amazing how the parents will always say, “I hope they don’t act like that at school,” and they’re perfect angels at school but the parents don’t see that at homes a lot of times.”

Joanne Lown, Principal, St. Mary’s Elementary, said, “We have very little turnover at St. Mary’s and one of the reasons with our faculty is because so many of our teachers have been here 20, 25, even 30 years.”

A good example is Margie Black who is in her 31st year at Joplin Area Catholic Schools.

Margie Black, St. Mary’s Faculty Member, said, “Oh my gosh, when you’ve worked day in and day out with the same teachers year after year, you become a family, there’s quite a special bond there and when one of them gets to retire or move on to something more advantageous for them even just a rest, god love ’em and happy for them and we’ll certainly miss Mrs. Schoeberl, we miss any teacher who leaves our system.”

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