World Class Hunting Expo expected to bring thousands to Southeast Kansas


For Pittsburg-native Mick Marietta, hunting and being outdoors was always a part of his life. After travelling to plenty of other hunting showcases around the US with one of his close friends, Marietta decided to bring one to his own backyard.

“We started talking about different ideas,” Marietta explained. “So, I have the passion and the love for outdoors — similar to him. And for the upland hunting. And from there, we just kept talking about more and more things and we started adding deer hunting, we started adding duck hunting, we started adding labs to the situation. And it just kept growing from that point.”

And that fascination has boomed into an event that will host more than 150 vendors this weekend. The hunting expo will have seminars with guest speakers, hunting and fishing equipment sales, and even bird dog demonstrations.

“We’ve actually got a pond here where the guys are going to be able to see the labs do retrieves in the water,” Marietta added. “I don’t think there’s been anything quite like this put together.”

And even though the event doesn’t start until Saturday, preparations are already underway. With rain in this weekend’s forecast, they are already looking to make accommodations for guests getting to and from the event.

“We’ve been staying off the field as much as possible,” said Marietta. “You can see a lot of the tents are going up today, we’ve got a little bit of sunshine. We still have a lot more tents to set in that and the vendors all start coming in on Friday. We’re looking at additional parking if we have to park off site and bus people in. We’ve got some buses ready, but we hope that the weather holds out for us and everybody can come here and just enjoy and make it easier.”

The expo will take place on September 28th and 29th. The event is free to the public, however you must bring your state-issued ID o enter.

For more information on the event, click here.

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