Workers participate in National “Ride Your Bike to Work” Day


“Biking is something I have always done and I’ve always been passionate about,” explained bike rider Nathan Riley. 

Instead of grabbing car keys, Riley needs a helmet and gloves. And the same goes for Debra Johnson. 

“I love the outside,” said Johnson. “I love to ride my bike because it takes away a lot stress.” 

They Rode Their Bike To The Bicycle Specialist in Joplin on Friday in honor of National Ride Your Bike to Work Day. But their love for peddling goes beyond just this one day of the year–they both bike to work frequently. 

“It’s a good way to relax and kind of clear your mind and things and it also kind of gets your endorphins going and is a feeling of freedom,” Riley added.

“It feels good,” Johnson continued. “It gives you a good attitude when you get to work and it makes the day go better.”,

Both say riding on their bike not only saves money, but helps them pursue a passion of theirs.

“Anytime I’m on a bike, I’m feeling good I’m smiling and it’s just what I enjoy more than just about anything,” Riley explained. 

“Enjoy your bike because it makes you feel good, smile when you get on your bike because you feel like a little kid again,” said Johnson.

Johnson encourages others to try riding their bike to work, but adds to make sure you wear a helmet and put lights on your bike for safety.

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