Work on Redden Field


   The last free baseball field in joplin is getting some much needed work done.

   A group made up of AT&T employees that do community work outside of the office have come together to work on Wendell Redden Field. It’s the last baseball field in the city residents can use without paying a fee. Over the past few months the group has raised money and partnered with local businesses to get the materials they need. They’ve already replaced the toilets in the bathrooms, worked on lighting, and built new benches for the dugouts.

   “It makes me feel good to see that people that, ya know, put in over forty hours at work and then they’re out here, ya know, on an evening or on Saturday like today. Ya know, out here in the blowing wind trying to get this stuff done.” says volunteer Andy Robeson

  The group plans to continue this project next year by working on the fencing around the field.

  Buisnesses that have helped in this project include: Joplin Habitat for Humanity Restore, PMI-Precsion Mastermade Paints, Metel Works, Schuber Mitchell, and Overman’s Building Supply.

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