Work environments a major contributor to seasonal illnesses like the flu


JOPLIN, Mo. — Is your work environment making you sick?

With the cold and flu viruses going around this time of year, that’s probably the case.

We touch so many surfaces like these all day long without realizing it.

And every one of them can contain millions of the germs that cause both the cold and flu.

And if you want to try and protect yourself from them, Jessica Liberty with Freeman Health System says you need to do the same thing after every time you touch them.

Jessica Liberty R.N., Freeman Infection Prevention Manager, said, “Well you just need to be more diligent with your hand hygiene, that’s really the number one barrier that you can provide for yourself to protect yourself”

And if at all possible, she says avoid others who are sick whenever possible.

“Somebody walks by you and coughs and instead of coughing in a tissue or in their sleeve, they turn their head and cough in the direction of you, they’re in close proximity to you, you are automatically exposed to whatever they have.”

And there’s even a wrong and right way to do that.

“So there correct way to cough is pretty simple, you have a tissue handy you cough into your tissue, or you can use your sleeve use either side or you can cough right into your elbow.”

But what happens if you end up getting sick?

Then she says its your turn to do the right thing.

“If you are sick you should stay home, if you have a fever, if you have a cough, you should stay home, if you have to be out and about doing things, if you have to be at work you should be wearing a mask, regardless of where you work.”

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