Women’s Self Defense Seminar


Four State women head to the Midwest Regional Ballet to learn how to prevent and defend against personal attacks.

The Maju Bela Diri of Joplin organization hosted a self defense class for women of all ages today.
   Instructors taught the women how to get out of being held against a wall —also called  a clinch — and being on the ground.
   When teaching this class around the Four State area, instructors demonstrate many techniques that will help women protect themselves in any case of an attack.

“There’s a lot of sex trafficking that’s going on lately. The stories are that I-44 is a big area where they’re doing things like this and you know there’s been attempted abductions for children and stuff here in Joplin lately.” says Jeff Sprawls, Guru

   Instructors hope women will take away an attitude for survival to try to save themselves, as well as, someone else.

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