With new businesses and expansions, the city of Neosho is growing


NEOSHO, MO – From new businesses to expansions, growth is happening in Neosho.

Just in the last 9 months, there’s been 5 new industrial businesses making their mark, and expansion projects in Neosho.

Including: J.B. Hunt, Pacific Insulation Products, Cooks BBQ Products, Expansion Industries and La-Z-Boy, and the upcoming expansion of Missouri Walnut.

“There could potentially be with all of those businesses and the expansions, there could potentially be by the time everything all said and done, and everyone’s up at full capacity upwards of 200 jobs that have been created just in the Neosho area.” Says Jake Heisten, Grow Neosho CEO.

Form an economic standpoint, Heisten adds more jobs means more people coming through Neosho.

“Obviously with the creation of new jobs that means folks are coming to town not only to work, but they’ll also buy gas, maybe they’ll go buy lunch, maybe they’ll buy some groceries on the way home.” Heisten says.

With more people on the way, it’s up to the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce to help fill those jobs.

“Getting the word out on our social media sites, our Facebook site right now has a reach of over 100,000 people, and we’re really utilizing those different methods and those different things to help businesses that are existing and new businesses coming into town.” Says Ashley Siler, Director of Communication and Membership Development Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce.

Not only will these businesses help create more jobs, but they’ll help out the current ma and pop shops.

“We have several different boutiques, maybe they’re buying clothes for their kids here, and different things like that. So, anytime you have large industries it’s important to have ma and pops where they can support those businesses as well.” Siler says.

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