With gas prices being so high, your gas could be stolen from your car


JOPLIN, MO – With gas prices on the rise, it’s more likely you can experience gas taken from your car.

Although the punishment of stealing gas out of a car isn’t as much as stealing from a storefront would be, the consequences do get worse depending on how much is stolen.

These consequences could include up to a year of jail time and a fine of over $1,000.

Cherokee County Sheriff, David Groves says there are ways you can prevent these thefts from happening to you.

“If it’s of a concern, or if you notice neighbors starting to have issues with that, you can get those relatively inexpensive gas caps that lock. Be vigilant, report suspicious activity.” Says Groves.

Groves adds not only is stealing gas not worth the penalty, but it can also cause dangers for your health.

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