Winter weather can be a risk to your health


Winter weather can pose a major problem to a person’s overall health.

When it snows many people find themselves shoveling. Doctor Robert Stauffer with the Freeman Heart and Vascular Institute says it can be harmful if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

He says shoveling raises your heart beat vastly in comparison to normal activity. He suggests for you to make sure you are physically fit to shovel and if you are unsure to talk to a doctor.

“When you’re in cold weather your arteries constrict and that’s why your hands sometimes get blue and things like that. So your arteries constrict and when they constrict the blood pressure goes up when the blood pressure goes up the pressure on your heart increases,” says Robert Stauffer.

Stauffer says if you are feeling sweaty or  have shortness of breath while shoveling you should stop performing the activity immediately.

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