While many try to stay indoors during the winter months, one group is taking advantage of what the colder weather has to offer.

   Joplin Outdoors Members hiked along Chinquapin Trail in Pineville this afternoon for their winter hike.While many people hike during the warmer seasons, this event is setup to help residents learn that hiking can be done anytime of the year if you are well equipped for it.Some positives are taught during the hike, like obstacles found along the trails during the summer.Example of this include insects and poison ivy, which aren’t present during the winter months.While one of the organizers likes seeing the large turnout for today, he hopes it can also be a chance to teach the public about hiking etiquette.

  “It’s happy to see the people enjoy the outdoors. I think the biggest thing is education. We want people enjoy it but enjoy it in a healthy way. Where we are not destroying it at the same time.” says organizer Kenneth Bogle

   “Well this is a pretty area. I thought it would be nice. It’s a beautiful day.” says participant Suzanne Fritts

    Bogle also says to plan ahead and hike with a buddy if the trail is new to you.