Winter Car Problems


Frigid temperatures can spell out issues for your vehicle this winter, and getting your car serviced regularly can make all the difference.

Cold temperatures can cause issues with your car from dead batteries to low tire pressure. But there are easy ways to ensure your car will be driving all winter.

“A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. So, as long as you get your oil changes in at the right intervals to a respective shop and they’re looking it over, then you should be fine,” says Rick Harlen.

Rick Harlen at Ivey’s Service Center in Joplin says, in addition to checking your tire pressure, you should be inspecting your tires. Chilly weather can wear down tires, especially on the inside.

“It’s good to steer it all the way to the left or right and check the inside. You see the outside of your tire every day, but the inside edge, not everybody sees. And that’s usually where it’s gonna get worn down,” says Rick Harlen.

And, the colder the weather, the weaker your battery becomes. Most mechanics will check your battery for free to make sure it’s working properly.

“Get in and get your battery checked. Batteries don’t last near as long as they used to. Used to be able to get a good ten years out of a battery. Now you’re lucky to get four or five,” says Harlen.

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