Families in Girard can now look forward to an interactive Born Learning Trail in Winston Park.
“This trail is an interactive trail, it is a born learning so there’s 10 signs and each sign has a activity or something to engage your child to interact with,” said Jeremy Martinous, Director of Resource Development.
By playing and exploring together, parents and caregivers can help children get ready for school
“So, you can do colors, how does the tree feel, how does the flower feel, and it jut gets you involved with your child and learning,” said Martinous.
Students from Girard High School are volunteering their time to paint the trail.
“We just kind of like came up with the stuff on the spot, like we were going to paint and it’s just an interesting way for the art club to kind of give back in a unique way to the community,” said Kendall Belcher, Girard High School junior.
Belcher, who is a current resident of Girard, says he feels proud to advance his community.
“They get to play and have fun and kind of look at the funny pictures, but they also get to learn, which is just really different and I just think it’s really neat for them,” said Belcher.
In total, the project cost $2,000. The Born Learning Trail is open daily during park hours and is wheelchair accessible. If you would like to find a born learning trail in your area, click here