Will E.R.A. Get New Life In Missouri


A decades old battle to make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their gender is resurfacing.

The Equal Rights Amendment dates back to the 1970’s, meant to prevent discrimination against someone based on their gender.
  Back then, not enough states ratified the measure by the end of 1982, which was the deadline set for the issue to sunset.
  And Missouri State Senator Bill White says that should be the end of it.
Bill White, Mo. State Senate District 32
“I don’t believe the Equal Rights Amendment is still out there on the table uh to be voted on by the states, it had a time limit that expired, before it expired it was given a two year extension and that extension expired and you did not have the requisite number of states.”
  But, in just the past few year, two more states-Nevada and Illinois- ratified the measure.
  Supporters say the 1982 deadline was not legally binding, so just one more state needs to ratify it, for it to become law.
  Carolyn McGowan fought for passage in Missouri.
  She says an opponent to the idea made this coffin back in the 80’s to rub it in that the issue failed to get enough support in Missouri and nationwide.
  She’s kept it all these years to remind her that she’ll go to her grave fighting for equal rights for everyone, not just women.
Carolyn McGowan, Supports E.R.A. Amendment
“There’s a lot more rights that women have now than we did when I was a little girl, but they aren’t guaranteed in the Constitution, and we can see how people can reverse things, easily, by executive order, even legislative uh for women’s rights, for rights for everyone.” 
   But White says an amendment isn’t needed.
Bill White, Mo. State Senate District 32
“Yeah you can’t discriminate based on sex, that’s out there.”
  A hearing on the issue will be held in a Missouri State Senate Committee tomorrow morning in Jefferson City.
  There’s also a ratification rally in the rotunda of the capital a week from this Thursday.

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