Wilder’s sign appears in 2018’s best motion picture


There’s a little glimpse of Joplin in this year’s best motion picture.

The movie “The Shape of Water” won a host of awards this year including the Oscar for best picture and director. Although none of the film was shot in Joplin, viewers can clearly see the Wilder’s neon sign early in the movie.

Wilder’s owner Marsha Pawlus says she’s glad Hollywood is paying attention to their classic neon sign, but she would have liked at least a heads up it was going to be superimposed into the finished product. But she says there is one thing director Guillermo Del Toro can do to make up for it.

“I thought I might contact the studio and see if if they have a poster or something, you know, some kind of something we could hang up at the restaurant maybe they can have somebody sign it, Del Toro could sign it or something,” says Pawlus.

The sign appears at just over seven minutes into the film as well as in the movie’s trailer.

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