Wildcat Media Productions introduces Neosho Junior High students to communications field


“Hey guys, my name is Emily and today I am going to be talking about dogs,” said Neosho student Emma Butler in the introduction of her podcast.

Emma Butler is getting ready to record her first podcast at Neosho Junior High School.

She is involved in an elective course called Wildcat Media Productions. It’s one of eight programs in the Innovation Station — a set of courses that exposes students to real-world experiences.

“The whole aspect of of the Innovation Station is to help students learn at an early stage what they like and also don’t like, so they can make educated guesses as they go into high school and into college,” explained Neosho teacher John Moore.

In Wildcat Media Productions, 7th and 8th grade students are given the chance to learn new media skills in radio, tv, and music. Students are able to express themselves and share topics that interest them on-air.

“You just talk into a mic and have a conversation — I thought it was a lot more difficult and you never really could tell how difficult it is when you’re listening, but it’s not that difficult,” Butler explained.

The goal is to let the students explore the media world and see if this is a field of work they would like to be a part of when they get older.

“It seems like a really fun job because you get to talk to people and share what you know and your opinions,” Butler added.

The students also learn how to mix music and create weekly newscasts using a green screen and cameras.

“They pick it up really quick and they are able to deconstruct a beat, manipulate it,” Moore added. “It is really surprising that those quiet students — you put them behind a mic and they now come alive because no one’s seeing them but they have an opinion and they have a voice and it is being heard.”

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