Why Mizzou is not testing everyone on campus


COLUMBIA, Mo.- Students have been back at the University of Missouri-Columbia for more than a month now and the state’s largest university just surpassed 1,600 COVID-19 cases among its students.

Those cases make up .3% of the student body population of 26,964 which does not include the students enrolled in distance learning.

Mizzou says it is testing students who have symptoms or who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. The school is not testing asymptomatic students.

Also, if you want a test, you’ll need a doctor’s note if you are not a close contact or if you don’t have symptoms.

According to Mizzou’s Show Me Renewal website, its testing and tracing strategies have been developed by the school’s medical and infectious disease experts.

The school says it is well-equipped to quickly test those who exhibit symptoms and return results within 24-48 hours. It will not test mass asymptomatic students.

That’s because testing everyone would provide only a snapshot of a quickly evolving situation. Officials also say a high rate of inaccurate tests can lead to risky behavior among those who abandon precautions.

The school says the key tenets to its plan are to assume that everyone in the community could be positive and combine that with quick testing of symptoms, aggressive contact tracing and isolation strategies.

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