White Nose Syndrome harming area bat populations


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — A wildlife disease is killing several bats in the Four State area.

White-nose syndrome is a disease caused by a fungus affecting hibernating bats.

Various forms of it have been found in more than 240 sites in Missouri since 2012.

At the Jolly Cave in Capps Creek Conservation Area in Stark City, a gate is found on top of the cave to prevent people from coming in but let the bats fly in and out freely.

The Missouri Department of Conservation asks those who like to explore caves in general to not go inside one during Winter time.

Francis Skalicky, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, said, “The humans get the fungus on their feet, on their cave gear or on their backpacks. When they visit another cave they maybe spread it that way.”

If you would like to learn more about white-nose syndrome, follow the link below.


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