“What Were You Wearing” Exhibit on Display in Pittsburg


An art installment is brining awareness to sexual assault victims in Pittsburg.

The “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit will take place at the Pittsburg Public Library tonight until 7pm. The exhibit is compiled with similar articles of clothing from the victims recount of their assault. The art installment was created an effort to share the stories of those affected by sexual violence and and to stop the stigma of asking “What Were You Wearing?”

“And I think that whe people look through this display, they will stop asking that question. And they will look towards supporting and believing survivors,” says Ali Smith of the Safehouse Crisis Center,

The exhibit also works in conjuction with today being National Start By Believeing Day, where viewers will be asked to pledge to believe in victims stories.

The installment will be also shown at Pittsburg State and in Fort Scott as well.

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