What a recount could mean for the Kansas Republican gubernatorial race


As the results of the Kansas Republican gubernatorial race fluctuate as more counties count provisional ballots, we look at what a recount could mean.

The deadline to request a recount is looming and people I talked with today say they’re ready for this process to be over and for the Republicans to have a nominee.

It’s been a week since voters headed to the polls to cast their ballots. Inside Juli’s Bistro, the discussion on who the Republican nominee will be, lingers.

“It is exciting that it this close, it’s not a humdrum thing like it usually is in Kansas, so that’s the exciting part about it,” says Wayne Davis.

As counties continue to tally up provisional ballots, Secretary of State Kris Kobach currently holds the lead over Governor Jeff Colyer. 

“Everyone is anticipating the possibility of a recount,” says Ronnie Metsker, Johnson County Election Commissioner.

Candidates have until five pm Friday to request recount and foot the bill for it. Political Analyst Bob Beatty says in an election this close, there is a magic number for when candidates should ask and shouldn’t ask for a recount.

“What is that magic number? I’m thinking it’s a few hundred. But anything over 500 the odds of changing the election on a recount are probably less than one percent,” says Bob Beatty.

Beatty says recounts don’t have a major impact on changing the results, he says those changes happen when provisional ballots are counted. 

“What you’re not going to see in a recount is that massive swing because recounts tend to show random errors that don’t necessarily systematically help one candidate,” says Bob Beatty.

Back inside Juli’s Bistro…

“I just want it to be over, I think everybody does,” says Wayne Davis.

People say they’re hoping a winner is declared soon.

The Republican Party has said it would ultimately support whichever candidate wins this primary.

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