NEXSTAR — WGN America will launch a live, prime-time national newscast this summer. Nexstar, the company that manages this station and WGN America, is proud to announce the anchors and a premiere date of September 1st.

The 3-hour newscast is called “News Nation” and it will air every night from 7:00 – 10:00 P.M. central time. “News Nation” will be a fact-based, unbiased newscast, telling stories from across the country that impact you and your family.

There will be a heavy emphasis on breaking news and forecasting and following severe weather.
While other cable news shows are broadcasting opinionated talk, “News Nation” will stick to the facts and inform you about what’s happening around the country.

Here’s a message from the anchor team.

“Hello everyone, I’m Marni Hughes and I’m one of the new anchors for the Primetime National Newscast starting September 1st on the WGN America Network.”
Rudabeh Shabazi: “I’m Rudabeh Shabazi.”
Aaron Nolan: “Hey guys, I’m Aaron Nolan.”
Joe Donlan: “I’m Joe Donlan.”
Nichole Berlie: “I’m Nichole Berlie.”
Albert Ramon: “I’m Albert Ramon.”
Rob Nelson: “My name is Rob Nelson.”
Gerard Jebaily: “I’m Gerard Jebaily! I’m one of the meteorologists for the new Primetime National Newscast.”
Albert Ramon: “Starting September 1st on the WGN America Network.”
Joe Donlon: “It’s called News Nation.”
Rob Nelson: “News Nation is really going to stand out in Primetime. That’s because it’s not going to be opinionated talk.”
Rudabeh Shabazi: “It’s going to be unbiased news.”
Joe Donlon: “Featuring the stories that really matter to you from the places you live.”
Aaron Nolan: “All across America.”
Gerard Jebaily: “And following and forecasting breaking and severe weather will be just as important.”
Nichole Berlie: “We have 5,400 journalists.”
Aaron Nolan: “In 110 newsrooms all across the country.”
Rudabeh Shabazi: “And it all adds up to one thing.”
Marni Hughes // “Your news.”
Joe Donlon:”Your nation.”
Albert Ramon: “I’m really proud to be a part of this broadcast.”
Nichole Berlie: “And i really hope you’ll join me.”
Marni Hughes: “News Nation starts September 1st on WGN America.”
Rob Nelson: “Until then, look for updates on”
Joe Donlon: “We’ll see you soon.”

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