West Bourbon Elementary launches program to help student development of people skills


FORT SCOTT, Ks. — Class is full of many lessons–but in most you’re not allowed to talk.

In Bourbon County that’s exactly what they’re focusing on people skills.

Meaghan Russell, Counselor/Facilitator of Teammates Mentoring Program, said, “We’re ready to start matching kids up with mentors and you know, making those relationships.”

Teachers at West Bourbon Elementary are starting a program for 3rd through 6th graders, to build people skills.

“It’s nice for students to have like a strong base, a strong foundation of people to rely on or count on and definitely somebody to like talk to and build those interpersonal relationship skills.”

Vance Eden, Principal, said, “There’s all kind of research that supports that social, emotional engagement and providing kids a connection to adults, meaningful relationships, and adults that care about them.”

Kids in the Teammates Mentoring Program will meet during the students’ lunch period once a week.

The 15th is our first official day and it will start, we will have an assembly for the kids, first off to them excited. They actually don’t even know about the program yet,” said Russell

We want that to kind of be a lasting relationship where kids know this is an adult that cares about me, someone who has my best interest at heart, someone who wants to help me succeed,” said Eden.

“In order to become a mentor, you have to be 18 years of age, able to pass a background check, and then you just apply online,” said Russell

“Our goal is to get it to as many students as possible.”

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