Sabrina Ahmed is live in Philadelphia where she has been watching the convention unfold. They talked about America as a whole. With an optimistic look at where we are and where we are headed, saying Hillary Clinton is the only way to continue on this path. However, that’s our country as a whole. Back in the Midwest, there’s an issue close to home. Ethanol. We spoke to general Wesley Clark who ran for president back in 2004. He supported Hillary in 2008 and again this time around. 
“You know what they should say below the no ethanol banner? It should say ‘no ethanol! send your money to Venezuela.” You know, because that’s what it is. We’re spending tens of hundreds of billions of dollars a year importing oil and some cases refined products so we can burn it in our cars and spew in out of the exhaust. Why not keep that money in the United States where is re-circulates in the economy? For health reasons, for environmental reasons, for national security reasons, for economic reasons. We need to use more biofuels and ethanol and that means staying with that renewable fuel standard,” said Wesley Clark, retired U.S. Army General.
He works for Growth Energy, a bipartisan group that travels the country supporting ethanol.