Wellness facility starts new outside workout class unique to the area


“It’s unique, it’s fun, it’s a blast,” says Cardio Drummer Chanda Cherry.

Chanda wasn’t doing much exercise during the week.

“Just so much stuff going on… my work, my kid,” she says. But then, she found out about Cardio Drumming at Joplin Nutrition.

“The first time I did it my muscles hurt all over, so I know it’s doing something,” says Cherry.

Joplin Nutrition Owner Jared Taylor says, “We only just started with an idea and we’re like let’s bring this to Joplin and the community completely took it and ran with it.”

Cardio drumming takes the simple movement of drumming, but turns it into a full body workout. 

“You’re doing a lot of squats. You’re moving your arms a lot. You’re basically moving your whole body,” says Cherry.

Taylor adds, “We play to the music. So, we do various exercises like squatting and arm flailing and just a whole bunch of crazy stuff that comes together into one big exercise.”

Which Chanda says is a great way for her to prioritize her well-being once again. 

“It’s very important. I want to live longer and just be healthy,” says Cherry.

Joplin Nutrition will host Cardio Drumming Block Party every Monday at 6 outside their Range Line facility during the summer.

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