Well for Modine Manufacturing, a strong relationship with the chamber for nearly a half a century ha


Businesses, educators, and community leaders come together to celebrate all things Joplin.

KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen joins us live in the newsroom.
Joie, how has the Joplin Chamber of Commerce helped businesses in the area?
Well for Modine Manufacturing, a strong relationship with the chamber for nearly a half a century has helped the company reach success.

((Nats:”Your theme, much like expo, is portraits of success.”))

Joie Bettenhausen
The Joplin Chamber of Commerce hosted the 102nd Annual Chamber Banquet Thursday night at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center on the campus of MSSU.
More than six hundred community members came out to dine and hear how area businesses are doing within the community.
With many community members in attendance this evening, chamber staff want to start conversations about the chamber’s next steps.

“We’re going to focus on talent attraction and retention to our community, so we’re going to empower our young professionals to lead the chamber and make a difference and decide what the new Joplin is.” says Toby Teeter, Joplin Chamber of Commerce President

For Modine Manufacturing, business owners know the Joplin Chamber all too well.
This year, Modine is celebrating forty years as a member of the chamber.

“It’s very important to us to be involved in our community and give back and one of the ways is to deal a lot and to go activities with the chamber, meet other chamber members, just get involved.” says Lori Scott Dreiling, Modine Manufacturing Human Resources Manager

Modine Manufacturing is an international company with 49 locations in 19 countries
But this company wouldn’t have the success it has today without acting on its mission of getting involved.

“It helps us develop relationships. We get people that supply things to us. Our t-shirt guy, Binky Guy, is sitting with our table tonight. We have a lot of relationships that and things with people we buy from.” continues Dreiling

And with a strong relationship with the Joplin Chamber that has been built over forty years, Modine Manufacturing is already looking toward the future.

“So we want to be here another forty or eighty or whatever, so try to remain competitive, that’s our key. We want to make money. We want to hire the best people. We want to keep the best people and just continue to grow.” adds Dreiling

Many businesses, civic leaders, and educators received awards for small businesses, industry of the year, and golden apples.
And with this year’s chamber banquet, staff hope it will get everyone excited and passionate about their community.
Thanks Joie.

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