Welcome home State Champion Carthage Tigers


Coach Jon Guidie talks to KSN-16 Kevin Ryans on our story about first reactions and a broken trophy

CARTHAGE, Mo. — 2:26 AM ARRIVAL — It seems the kids were so excited, a screw or nut or something came off and the trophy is broken. Coach Jon Guidie tells KSN-16 Kevin Ryans it’s no big deal they will get it fixed.

  • KEVIN: What? the championship trophy the screws are all undone? You’d think after all these years it would be ready for the mantle by now?
  • COACH: (laughing) we’ll get it fixed. There was a lot of excitement generated when those boys get to hold it and pass it around. We’ll get it fixed and looking nice.
  • KEVIN: How does it fee for you and the rest of your coaching staff?
  • COACH: You know it’s just very gratifying? You spend so much time together day after day. We play 17 weeks and basically you are with your coaches and your players everyday and then it’s very gratifying to be rewarded for that work and time that you put in.
  • KEVIN: How about all the people waiting for you? Especially those that took the trip to Columbia and back and they are still here past 2:00 in the morning to see you come into town.
  • COACH: Yeah it’s almost 3:00 in the morning here and a lot of cars (looking around) a lot of people here supporting us. And it’s just a very exciting time to be a tiger.
  • KEVIN: You get to check out some of the fireworks?
  • COACH: Yeah they take care of us man. The kids really enjoy that, they did that last week too. It’s kind of a special thing for them.

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