Webb City sees large increase in residential construction


WEBB CITY, Mo. — New neighborhoods — some additional choices for a hotel — and going out to eat. They’re all part of the latest trends when it comes to construction in Webb City.

Ten months into the year, Webb City is already seeing a big increase in residential construction.

“2020 was a obviously a record year,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

With commercial construction alone topping 13 million dollars in 2020… projects like a new hotel. In 2021, residential construction is seeing the most growth.

“So far we have 121 building permit to shoot for new residential construction here in Webb city. 2020 2020. We had 91 during the calendar year, new construction,” said Francis.

City officials point out that even that was a big increase from earlier years when those totals were closer to 50.

2021 commercial construction is just below three million dollars so far. That’s less than the average of four to five million – a total that the city administrator says may still happen before the end of the year.

“We have about five or six major commercial projects that are kind of on the tee right now that we hope will get started here very quickly. We have a lot of things in our centennial TD district that we hope to see, get started in the next few months,” said Francis.

One project just getting underway is a new Scooters coffee shop.

“They’re coming. They’ve already began construction on Madison, there at 7th and Madison. And then there’s a large car wash that has also filed their building permit there across the street. So we’ll see some major construction projects start on Madison there from 7th to 10th Street,” said Francis.

He says some big building permits are likely to be filed for construction in centennial park, including a new restaurant.

Carl Francis adds that Webb City has continued to see strong construction trends throughout the pandemic. That’s not something he expects to change any time soon.

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