Webb City School District considers having a juvenile officer on campus full time


The goal is early intervention to help keep local kids out of trouble and in school. Now, a Southwest Missouri school district is working on a new partnership to help teens who would otherwise end up at the county juvenile office.

The Webb City School District is looking to station a juvenile officer on the campus full time. Supporters say the regular presence is a chance to develop relationships with students and hopefully help correct smaller issues before they grow.

“Criminal behavior does occur unfortunately at the schools as well. And so being able to have a collaborative partnership with the school, with the SRO and the juvenile office, it just makes sense,” says Erik Theis, Jasper County Court Administrator. 

School leaders say they see this as another service they can provide students, similar to the Mercy Health Clinic or the Will’s Place Clinic. The goal is to start the new partnership with the start of school in August.

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