Webb City School Board discuss a preliminary budget


The Webb City School Board holds preliminary discussions on a new budget.

Superintendent Dr. Tony Rossetti says he expects the budget to be balanced. It will include a 1 percent health insurance hike for school employees. There is also a 2.8 percent increase for teachers salaries. That breaks down to $1,200 a year and will bring a starting teacher’s salary to $40,000. Dr. Rossetti says this is only a preliminary budget and the board is expected to vote on a finalized one later this month.

“Some of the things that we do with the budget, this time of year, is kind of looking in a crystal ball. And we are hoping that some of these things play out. And a budget is a roadmap. So, hopefully things will end up the way that we had planned,” says Dr. Tony Rossetti, Webb City superintendent.

Also during the meeting, the board approved a ten cent increase for lunch and breakfast prices. Dr. Rossetti says the increase is necessary in order to comply with federal pricing regulations or the district runs the risk of losing funding.

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