Webb City Police Officer potentially saves teen’s life


WEBB CITY, Mo. — A Webb City Police Officer is at the right place at the right time, potentially saving a teen’s life after a weekend accident.

WCPD Ofc. Jacob Williams, said, “Out on patrol and dispatch came out with a medical.”

A teenage boy had fallen through a window, causing severe cuts and bleeding.

The call pointed Webb City Police Officer Jacob Williams toward the scene of the accident to see if he could help.

“The bystanders had attempted to fashion tourniquest with belts. It appeared with the blood on the right arm that it was not necessarily effective. I deployed the CAT tourniquet I carry on my belt with me.”

The tourniquet slowed the bleeding that was so bad, witnesses worried it was life threatening.

“There’s a finite number of blood you can lose, there’s a finite amount of time you have and our job in the pre-hospital setting is just to slow that down and get them to the surgeon’s table in one piece, or as close to one piece as you can.”

Williams was well equipped to respond, with both medical training at Webb City PD and as a combat medic with the Missouri National Guard.

He bought the victim enough time for the ambulance to arrive and rush to the hospital.

WCPD Chief Don Melton, said, “We’re fortunate to have an officer with the training and knowledge as Ofc. Williams. Others also have the training. We don’t know everything. But they know enough to buy some time, precious minutes until emergency medical technicians or fire dept can get there.”

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