A local fire department wants the public’s help in making the Holidays special for members of The Armed Forces.

Webb City Firefighters are selling hoodies this month to raise money for care packages.

They’ll put those together with holiday-themed treats, and send them to members The United States Navy.

Hoodies are customized with both Webb City Fire and Navy designs and slogans.

It’s a way for our local heroes to show their appreciation for those protecting citizens on a national level.

“The reason it’s important for us is that we just want the ladies or the men and women that are in the service to let them know that we are thinking of them. And we do thank them for their service, for doing what they do,” says Webb City Firefighter, Chris Burrow.

You can pre-order a hoodie this month for $25 or $30, depending on size, by calling the department at (417) 673-2254.

Their goal is to put together more than 50 holiday-boxes this winter.

You can also call if you know a specific member of the U.S. Navy that they can send a package to. 

The department is also raising money to support Webb City Cares by selling customized challenge coins.

That organization supports at-risk students in the Webb City School District.

They provide students with mentors, food, clothing and more to encourage them to stay in school and focus on their future.

You can buy a challenge coin for $20 each, also at the Webb City Fire Department.