Webb City Chamber working to help stimulate businesses amid covid-19 response


WEBB CITY, Mo. — With the CDC suggesting people stay home as much as possible, businesses are feeling the pinch, especially local restaurants.

But one local organization is looking to help these restaurants make it during these tough times.

The Webb City Chamber is used to reaching out to local businesses, but now the organization is going a step farther.

Many local businesses aren’t seeing a lot of traffic right now, but the Webb City Chamber has come up with an idea to make sure they still have customers.

Brad Barcus, The Owner Of Bamboo Chinese Takeout in Webb City, Has never dealt with anything like the covid-19.

“this is scary but we are doing everything in our part to try to prevent further spread of the virus,” said Barcus.

Including temporarily disallowing the option to dine in

“There’s lots of things that people touch when dining in, the tables, the whole chair, going back and forth to different areas of the restaurant. We are just trying to get them to come in and come out.”

That is just one of a few ways the outbreak of covid-19 has impacted local restaurants in Webb City.

The virus has the potential to slow down business even more, and Gwen Allen of the Webb City Chamber of Commerce felt the organization can help

Gwen Allen, Executive Director Of Webb City Chamber Of Commerce, said, “These restaurants, they are our neighbors and friends. So we just want to make sure you’re aware, even if you’re at home, maybe sometimes you can order a takeout from our restaurants.

The Chamber of Commerce is helping by using Facebook, putting numbers and menu’s in a public group making it easier for people to order online, and for businesses to provide updates. Preventing the spread of the virus and keeping businesses running.

The initiative was a welcome sight for Broadway Burgers Owner Martha Mendez, who has seen her profits drop in the last week.

Martha Mendez, Broadway Burgers Owner, said, “It makes me emotional because they have really helped in putting out the menus and we have had a lot of call ins. They show that they care. That gives me hope that there is people out there in this community that they do care about small businesses. It is a blessing what they are doing. It really is.”

The Webb City Chamber of Commerce said it will also set up a video conference call with local retailers to try to give them any help that they need.

Calls are coming into local restaurants.

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