Webb City Cares in need of help


An organization that helps students in the Webb City School District needs some help.

“We have a Snack Pack program where we send snacks home with kids on the weekend, about 160 kids a week so we send out about about seventeen hundred items a week. So we go through food really fast,” says Jesse Degonia, Webb City Cares director.

Degonia says Webb City Cares is blessed to have community support, including getting donations from a local church.

“We always have bins here setup here at Sacred Heart in Webb City to prompt the Snack Pack program. And every so often we’ll push like they’ll have a peanut butter drive. We push for that. Right before school push for school supplies. Just whatever that need is we try to push at the time,” says Angelique Flack.

Flack says the church tries to help anyway they can.
“There are a select few that ask ‘what can I do, what can I give? How can I give to these kids?’And they’re very supportive. Everyone actually is,” says Flack.

“Our community loves our kids and anytime we have a need they’re there to jump at it, to help us to make sure the kids have what they need. And it is great feeling to know that we’re in a community like that,” says Jesse Degonia.

And Degonia says right now Webb City Cares could really use the community’s help.

“So we are in need of things like peanut butter crackers, instant oatmeal, those types of items that go into the backpack,” says Degonia.

Those items will go directly to help kids in Webb City School District.

“So what we have found are that a lot of kids go to what’s called a food insecure home. So they may have access to some food and they may not have access. So we started this program a few years ago to make sure that kids had food on the weekends. Cause we wanted to make sure that they had something to eat till they got back to us on Monday morning,” says Degonia.

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