Webb City based cheer squad gets a new home


WEBB CITY, Mo — A local cheer squad is preparing for a competition this weekend with a showcase for families and friends.

But the cheer team also had a big surprise waiting for them.

SWX Athletics had a big announcement tonight and it’s something the owner never imagined would be possible.

Stacey Johnson, SWX Athletics Owner, said, “When we opened a year ago,year and a half ago, I didn’t think we’d still be here.”

SWX Athletics invited 370 family members and friends out to watch a competition showcase.

The cheer squads have been working since June on their routines for a big contest in Branson saturday.

This cheerleading organization started out with only 6 members in July of 2018 and has since grown to over 60.

And with the huge jump in cheerleaders for SWX, the owner knew it was time to upgrade their facility.

“Our gym has grown so much. We have outgrown our space. So, we have now moved into this building, but no one knows. There’s a handful of people that know. No one has an idea, so tonight when we are finished performing, we have a giant banner that’s going to drop and it says, ‘Welcome to our new home’.”

What most friends, family, and even cheerleaders didn’t know is that SWX Athletics’ new gym was the very one they were performing in Thursday night.

And the cheerleaders were so excited to know they were going to have plenty of space and even a working heater.

Karsyn Severs, Code Black, said, “I was very excited. We are always cold and I think we have a beautiful facility that we’re able to do what we need to do to get through practice.”

The SWX Athletics owner is now looking toward the future.

And some ideas range from expanding their cheer squads to hosting other events.

“Opportunity for huge growth. We now have a better suited facility for birthday parties, for camps, for clinics. We can do lock-ins now. We have so much we can do and we can not wait for the world to hear that,” said Johnson.

To learn more about SWX Athletics, follow the link below.

SWX Athletics will have five teams competing in the celebrity championship in Branson on Saturday.


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