WEB EXTRA: Former Frontenac Mayor Details Council Meeting Where Four People Lost Their Jobs


Four Frontenac city workers lost their jobs during last night’s city council meeting.

City council members called for the immediate termination of their city clerk, city administrator and city attorney.
Those involved say the call for this motion was motivated by a personnel issue city leaders were hoping to handle privately.

Mayor of Frontenac Linda Grilz also resigned at the meeting, saying she did not want to work without her administrative team.
She says walking into that meeting, she had no idea her future with Frontenac would be in jeopardy.

“We were totally stunned. But it was evident by the people in the audience that were there to see what was happening and the actions of the council. For instance, there were no reasons for termination given.” Linda Grilz, Former Mayor of Frontenac.

Shortly after the meeting, the Frontenac Police Department escorted the city workers to gather their things from city hall.
At this time there is no word on the next city council meeting or any replacement for city staff.
Other city council members have declined to comment.

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