Web Extra: Angels Among Us Secret Chicken Recipe


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – Everyday of the Crawford County Fair, the Angel’s Cafe is packed. And most people can’t get enough of the fried chicken.

We asked what’s the secret recipe to this popular dish.

“This is the flour and then we put our special angel dust in it. And we mix it all up and then it’s going to be ready to coat. There’s not wet coating. So now they’re going to show you how to do the breading.”

Jan Allai, Angels Among Us

“Now we’re breading the chicken for the first time. We split it inside and then we let is sit for about 2 hours and then put a second breading on it and it’s ready to fry.”

Chicken Specialist

And their main fryer has been coming back every year for the past 12 years. He says his technique is pretty simple.

“We fry it for about 15 minutes or so, just til it’s nice and golden brown and still juicy.”

Chicken Specialist

And there we have it.

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