Wear Orange: Standing Against Gun Violence


Joplin residents sport the color orange for the day to take a stand against gun violence not only in their community, but across the country.

Joplin’s Mom’s Demand Action hosted the Wear Orange event for the first year at Par Hill Park.

The color orange represents victims or survivors of gun violence. 

Activists push to enforce laws that address gun trafficking and work to close loopholes in background check systems.

They also want reasonable limits on when, where and how loaded guns are carried and used.

“We’re here to speak up for the 96 Americans killed everyday  and the hundreds of others wounded by gun violence in America every single day. And by doing a thing like wear orange we hope to sort of elevate the voices for change,” says Amanda Dickerson with Mom’s Demand Action.

Dickerson adds they also promoted safe and responsible gun ownership, such as locking up your firearms and knowing the signs of mental illnesses.

This was a family friendly event with crafts for kids, live music and food, and they plan to hold it again next year.

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