Ways to cope with holiday stress


WEBB CITY, Mo. — The holiday season is a joyful time for many — but for others, not so much. And counselors say they are seeing more people reaching out for help during the holidays

The pressure to plan the perfect holiday or fear over the pandemic could be a source of stress.

“The holidays bring up grief and missing people or missing how life used to be,” said Travis Bolin, a counselor with Mt. Hope Church of Christ.

Mount Hope Christian Counseling Center in Webb City is seeing an uptick in people using its service during the holidays.

“They’re stressed about seeing people over the holidays or they have too much to do and not enough time.”

Bolin says once clients identify triggers they can then work on alleviating stress.

“Sometimes stress is brought on by the person and its not really the situation its the person theirself that’s causing that stress. So I say come up with a plan write it down, and go with it. Because its Christmas and the holiday season should be enjoyable and not a stressful time.”

Some of the holiday anxiety can come from wanting to plan the perfect holiday.

“There’s no such thing as perfection. I say go do your best, plan your best, invite your family and friends over and enjoy your time with your time with your family and friends. Its truly about making time for your time with your family and friends. Its not about who am I going to impress or what am I going to make perfect. Or I want this to be the best Christmas ever. Its really the quality time.”

Bolin suggests coping with anxiety can be as simple as leaving a crowded room for a few minutes to destress.

“I use positive self talk where I talk to myself in a positive way. Saying its okay you can do this. Its just for a few more hours, few more minutes its okay you can get through this,” said Bolin.

Another way to beat the holiday blues is by talking to family and friends.

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