Watkins staying in KC


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s hard not to call playing for the reigning Super Bowl Champs an ideal situation, and that’s something that Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins is very aware of.

After spending the first three seasons of his career with the Buffalo Bills, a less than desirable situation, Watkins sees no reason to part with the Chiefs, even if that means taking a pay cut.

He could’ve forced his way out of the final year of his contract by rejecting a reduced salary, but opted to stay with the team.

He and the Chiefs came to an agreement for a contract worth $9,000,000, down from an original $14,000,000.

Both Watkins and his teammates are excited to continue their careers together and hopefully, keep winning games.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs QB, says, “I mean in this offense it takes every single person and I think you saw that in the playoffs when his number got called, he made big plays happen, and so it’s a guy that we love having back and that’s going to continue to help our offense progress and

get better.”

Sammy Watkins, Chiefs WR, says, “Why wouldn’t i come back to one of the best organizations and best teams? We just won the super bowl. If you look at the team, we haven’t lost many players who were active last year. My job and focus were to come back and try to win another Super

Bowl. I think that’s the biggest thing.”

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