Watered Gardens Ministries to launch Jobs For Life program


JOPLIN, Mo. — The loss of a job can lead to the loss of a home.

And a local ministry has a plan to help people to get back into the working world for good.

It’s called the Jobs For Life program and it’s coming soon to Watered Gardens Ministries.

The class is designed to help men and women find employment through education, soft-skill development, a tailored vocational plan, and personal relationships.

Doug Gamble says the ministry heard about the nationwide program through another shelter in Branson that has been offering it and is excited to bring it to the Four States.

Doug Gamble, Watered Gardens Outreach Center Director, said, “Thinking about their employment as more than just, you know, hey just the next year, how can I develop a career path for myself, part of it is definitely character based so there’s a training on what does it look like to be a good employee uh how can you make yourself more marketable to businesses so they’ll not only want to hire you but promote you.”

Right now the ministry offers only a long term training program at its Forge Campus but it’s only for men.

Gamble says the new program could be ideal for women staying at the Washington Family Hope Center.

“A lot of people that kind of fall in the middle who really don’t need the long term program or aren’t ready for the long term program but they’re either struggling to get a job but really more likely what we saw was a number of people that could get a job but couldn’t keep a job or would cycle into and out of jobs often.”

The free program is a once-a-week, two-hour class that lasts for 10 weeks.

It will start on August 19th and be taught inside the Willard Learning Center in the Watered Gardens Outreach Center at 5th and Kentucky.

Gamble says they could use the help of some area businesses to help mentor program participants and perhaps provide jobs for them when they complete the program.

For more information on the Jobs For Life program, follow the link below.


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