Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission needs help with clients


An area ministry needs your help to help its clients.

Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission operates a shelter for men and women that’s open every night of the year. But the ministry could use some more resident aids. These volunteers oversee evening activity for those in the shelter. Doug Gamble says watered gardens will provide an evening and morning meal for volunteers as well as their own private overnight room.

“And spend a couple hours just getting the know folks, praying with them talking with them and just ministering however they can, then at 10 o’clock, lights are out and everybody’s getting a few hours of sleep here in the shelter and then kind of in the morning the RA kind of assists the person who gets things going for the day for the breakfast,” says Doug Gamble, Watered Gardens Outreach Center Director.

For more information on the volunteer position, click here.

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