Water versus soda


JOPLIN, Mo. — More and more consumers are choosing to drink H2O instead of their favorite soda, according to a new report.

It adds up to more than 14 billion gallons of bottled water last year alone.

Susan Pittman, Freeman Diabetes Educator, said, “When you’re thirsty, you should be drinking water.”

Advice many patients have been hearing for years.

Now, more and more consumers are picking bottled water over other less health bottled drinks.
Sales of bottled water have increased every years for the last decade, with aqua outpacing other choices by 66%.

Freeman Diabetes Educator Susan Pittman says that’s good for your health.

“The calories can lead to obesity – our patients with diabetes we want to limit sugary beverages. Our dental professionals also like us to limit the sugar because of our teeth.”

She adds that making sure you stay hydrated should be a priority.

“If we get dehydrated – we’re not going to think as well, our body processes are not going to function as well. So staying hydrated really makes us feel better and just makes us healthier.”

And while the study focuses on bottle water, Christie Barnhart with Missouri American Water Company points out you get the same product for a fraction of the cost at the tap.

Christie Barnhart, Mo. Am. Water, said, “Just shows that we’re maybe more aware of what we’re ingesting and the fact that we are realizing that water is something that is imp for maintaining overall good health.”

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