WATCH: The Freeman Daily Update Briefing on COVID-19 News


JOPLIN, MO- Today in the Freeman Daily, President and CEO, Paula Baker announced they have as of right now tested 10 people for the Corona-virus, 3 came back as negative and the remaining 7 are pending results.

On Monday, Freeman Health System will be announcing details on a COVID-19 call in center to assist people in determining whether or not they should be tested for Corona-virus.  Those who are recommended to test will be directed to an off-hospital site for the test.  

Baker reminds the public that regular flu season is still in full swing and strep throat is making its rounds as well. 

Dr. Ronald McNab spoke at the press conference and said that understanding how we spread this virus is from our bodies is important.  We spread it through excretions like coughing, sneezing, and urine.   He explained that social distancing is an important part of stopping the spread of the virus.  So with distancing yourself, you minimize infection of others when you sneeze or cough.  He also explains that hand washing is critical, especially when arriving home from work or shopping to stop the transmission of germs we may have picked up while out.   He said that cleaning surfaces with antibacterial wipes or soap and water is a good precaution, especially in restrooms.    Dr. McNab reiterates that washing your hands with soap is by far more effective than hand sanitizer.

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