Titus: ‘Trump using pandemic to go after immigrants’


President Trump signed executive order suspending new work visas

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President Trump issued an executive order this week suspending new work visas in a wide variety of categories, from high-skilled tech industry workers to low skilled seasonal workers.

Critics include business leaders and CEOs who say the visa restrictions will actually slow growth and job creation.

But Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said the action is designed to preserve American jobs for Americans.

“It makes sense that as we are at this historic unemployment rate that we’re in, and we’re trying to restart the economy that we do take a look at that, from a global perspective,” Morgan said. “We’re seeing COVID increase outside our borders.”

Nevada Democrat Dina Titus said that’s just an excuse.

“Again Donald Trump is now using the COVID virus pandemic to go after immigrants,” she said.

The new rules are like a “not welcome sign” for the brightest around the world, such as “highly educated engineers,” she said.

Many business leaders oppose the changes and warn the move may backfire and slow economic growth because there aren’t enough properly trained Americans to fill these jobs that range from tech workers to professors.

The US Chamber of Commerce said in a statement the new restrictions will push investment and economic activity abroad.

Microsoft President Brad Smith said immigrants play a vital role at Microsoft and support the country’s critical infrastructure.

The Trump Administration said there will not be exceptions for hospitality industry visas like the ones previously used to hire employees for Trump hotel and golf properties.

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