Walmart’s ‘Impeach 45’ apparel causing backlash

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It’s been a controversial day for the world’s largest retailer, as #BoycottWalmart has taken social media by storm.

This comes in response to anti-Trump products being sold on its website. After the backlash, it appears Walmart has taken the products off of its website. Walmart told KNWA the items come from third party companies,.

Political analyst Dr. Brain Calfano said he believes this may be one of the worst political environments our country has seen.

But that’s mainly because of technology, like we saw today from the  boycott Walmart posts on social media.

He adds, people who voice concerns on either side of the  issue are simply exercising their rights — and it happens to be the day before America’s birthday. 

“If there’s any reason to celebrate the Fourth of July it’s the set of civil liberties that we have in this country that we can freely celebrate and also criticize members of our Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches without the fear of being thrown in jail or otherwise persecuted. So, there’s at least two ways to look at these impeachment t-shirts,” said Calfano.

The retailer still sells “Make America Great Again” and “Donald Trump speaks for me” apparel.

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