Walk To End Alzheimer’s


Hundreds of people walk around Mercy Park to support Alzheimer’s research and patient care.

Joplin’s Annual Walk To End Alzheimer’s brought more than 400 individuals to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

Local sponsor’s help raise tens-of-thousands of dollars to help support research that will hopefully find an end to the disease. 

Caregivers, friends and family members, and even those living with alzheimer’s all walked in unison to support the cause. 

“So after being on the committee for several years now and planning this for the past few months, seeing it all come together with the tents up, the flower garden in the background just blowing in the wind, it’s a million bucks,” says Kelsey Ramsey with the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 

Local businesses and organizations will continue to raise money through the rest of the year, with today’s walk significantly helping organizers with their $65,000 goal.

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