Voters must register in OK by Friday


OKLAHOMA — The deadline to register to vote in Oklahoma for the presidential election is Friday.

There are two ways you can register, by filling out a paper form to mail or registering online.

If you choose to fill out the paper form, you can download it from the state election board’s website or pick one up from the elections office.

The Ottawa County Board of Elections says as of today, they have sent out 1,008 absentee ballots and they’ve received 287 back–which is about 28%.

Verna Ferris, Secretary, Ottawa County Board of Elections, said, “If they are not registered they have today and tomorrow to do so. They need to fill out an application, for registration, and we have them here at our office. You can also obtain them online. If you obtain them online though, they have to be printed off and signed. If you are mailing one, you have to make sure it is postmarked by tomorrow. If it is postmarked tomorrow’s date which is the 9th, we accept it as voting material.”

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, the number of voters registered in the sooner state continues to climb ahead of Friday’s deadline.

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