Vodka bar to bring more than just cocktails to the Ozarks


SPRINGFIELD, Mo (KOLR) – A new bar will soon be calling downtown home, but it will have more to offer than just cocktails made with vodka.

The bar is called Inner Circle Vodka Bar. They started in Tulsa and chose Springfield as their second location.

The owners of Inner Circle, Jacob Harper and Andy Cagle, say they picked Springfield because it was fitting with their concept.

“We created a list of cities that hit the demographics and vibe we were looking for and Springfield was actually the very first city we visited. We came here and we loved it,” says Cagle.

Cagle says that they did not want to search for other cities once they had found the right venue in town. Inner Circle bought the building that was formerly known as 319 Downtown Event Center.

The duo says the location is perfect for all of the events they plan to do, both indoor and outdoor, with the patio space that sits at the corner of Campbell and Walnut.

There will also be a stage for local bands/DJ’s can perform on.

Inner Circle Vodka Bar plans to open in mid-February and will host a pre-opening party that is scheduled for January 25th, for more information on that click here.

Cagle wanted to share a message with the citizens of Springfield that they are here to stay.

“We’re not doing this as a franchise, we’re not a big corporation. Jacob is moving here, he’s going to be a resident, I’m going to be here all the time. We’re full time for Springfield, this is not just a side project that we’re throwing out there. We’re excited to be here in Springfield and make it apart of our personal community,” says Cagle.

According to Harper, the bar will also have a higher-end bar menu that will be more than just fried bar food.

For more on Inner Circle Vodka Bar, click here.

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