Visiting Angels employees surprise local seniors for National Senior Citizen Day


Visiting Angels provide varying degrees of in-home care for seniors that allow them to stay in their own homes as long as possible.

One of those seniors is Freida Kite.

Director Michelle Kuehn says Kite is deserving of that status, mainly because how much she is loved by her family and community, plus having grown up in a time when some homes didn’t even have electricity yet.

“The smile that she has is contagious,” Kuehn explained.”We gave her the shield for her strength because it takes a lot of strength to endure the changes that we’ve had in our society over the years.”

“I’ve raised two kids and a granddaughter and she’s 27 now,” Kite added. “Where the time went, I don’t know. When you’re happy, you just don’t realize that time goes so fast.”

One of the hardest things kite had to deal with in her long life was the the loss of her husband of 64 years, who was a Korean War veteran.

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