Vision therapist hosts workshop centered around sight


Optometrists and health care professionals gather for a workshop about vision and learning.

Coleman vision of Joplin hosted a seminar featuring Dr. Curtis Baxstrom of Washington, who specializes in vision therapy.

Optometrists and health care professionals learned about how vision can be impacted when a person suffers from a concussion or how to remediate errors in eye focusing and teaming.

With his time spent as a vision therapy expert, Dr. Baxstrom wants to express how important this subject his to his fellow colleagues.

Dr. Baxstrom says, “There’s such a need for this care out in the community. We need to provide more optometrists with the knowledge in regards to how to develop that. In my practice, I can help thousands of people, but the ability to go out and share this information with other optometrists allows us to reach a much greater, much greater number.”

In 10 years, Dr. Baxstrom hopes every rehabilitation facility in the country will have an optometrist on their recovery team.

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