CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Time for tonight’s “Dose of Good News.” It’s the story of what a Carl Junction boy received today, and the people who made it happen.

“When you can take something as hard as cancer and allow a family to smile in the worst moments of their life, that is what hope looks like,” said Eric Newman – Roc Solid Foundation Founder.

“Roc Solid Foundation” is a nonprofit out of Virginia. With the help of its manufacturer “Backyard Discovery” — and people from the Carl Junction community — it was able to give the gift of play to Gabe Garrison — a four-year-old who’s battling leukemia.

“Play is one thing that you never have to teach a human to do. But when a child is diagnosed with cancer, play is the first thing taken from them. And so what we’re doing today is making sure play defeats cancer,” said Newman.

After getting home early from school, Gabe was surprised with a new backyard playset. Something that brought tears of joy to his parents.

“I really don’t have words for how awesome it is. Walking out here I started tearing up, and I’m tearing up now. Like It’s just, they’re so happy,” said Miranda and Paul Garrison – Gabe Garrison’s Parents.

And it’s not just Gabe who benefits, but his brothers too.

“When Gabe’s not feeling good, guess what the other brothers can do, they can run out and play on this playset, so it’s a lot bigger than just Gabe,” said Newman.

While the project may be bigger than Gabe, it’s his ability to fight and the support from the community that leaves Gabe’s father speechless.

“Seeing everything he’s gone through and seeing what he’s getting something like this, people around him to support him, I cant explain how happy I am,” said Paul Garrison.

This year alone — Roc Solid Foundation is providing play for over 500 kids with cancer.